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Get professional electrical circuit repair from our Electrical Solutions Experts to keep your property, residents and tenants safe.

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With faulty electrical installations being one of the leading causes of fire in homes and businesses, you need experts you can count on.

Whether you need a set of professional eyes to check that your electrical circuits are in good condition or know they need to be repaired, you need experts who can diagnose the issue and permanently fix it–not just slap a bandaid on it.

With over 25 years of experience, Big Frog Electric can diagnose and repair your electrical circuit problems. There’s a reason our technicians earn the title Electrical Solutions Experts. They are trained to find even the most advanced issues within your electrical system to help keep your property safe.

3 Signs You May Need an Electrical Circuit Repair

Oftentimes you may need an electrical circuit repair and not realize it because the signs can be subtle. If you’re experiencing any of the following signs below, you should contact our Electrical Solutions Experts to make sure your electrical circuits are operating properly.

1. Flickering Lights
It is not uncommon for lights to dim when a larger electrical appliance first turns on–it is actually somewhat normal. However, if your lighting begins to flicker, it could be a sign of a dangerous condition and you should reach out soon.

2. Breakers Keep Tripping
Breakers will trip, that’s their job. However, if you have a breaker that has tripped multiple times, there is likely an underlying issue that needs to be addressed promptly. You should never have to keep resetting a breaker and continue using the circuit as it can cause a more serious problem.

3. Loose Outlets
If you are plugging something in, there should be a stronghold on the plug when you insert it into the outlet. If there is not, then it is time for a replacement. Loose connections are very much a hazard for you and your home or business.

There are many electrical issues you may be having in your home or business, and our team is trained to handle them all.

The Electrical Solutions Experts You Can Trust

Our electrical solutions experts and years of experience come in handy when you need a professional to troubleshoot, or as we like to call it diagnose and repair, find and fix any electrical issue.

Each member of the team is required to attend our weekly training meetings where they continue to grow their knowledge and stay on top of the most recent trends in the industry. Rest assured Big Frog Electric will take great care of your “Pad”, guaranteed.


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Based on 15 reviews
Julie Cremeans
Julie Cremeans
March 22, 2024
5 stars for Big Frog.They were extremely responsive with emails, calls and very reasonable with pricing. Showed up on time and completed the job within the time frame given. I would recommend Big Frog to anyone seeking electrical needs.
Cassandra B.
Cassandra B.
March 21, 2024
Great communication, excellent work. Fair price.
Tommy Sikes
Tommy Sikes
March 13, 2024
Very efficient and fast We are Well pleased with the job they did I would highly recommend them to anyone needing Electictrcal
Gray Vinson
Gray Vinson
March 12, 2024
Outstanding! James and his crew showed up exactly when they said they were performed all the work he stated, and even went above and beyond to take care of everything for us. Very competitive pricing and excellent work. Thanks guys!
Kim Schmid
Kim Schmid
March 8, 2024
We were having some outlets that stopped working and we’re also worried about safety concerns. We contacted Big Frog Electric and spoke with the owner James. He was so informative and with his experience and knowledge over the phone we found that we had federal pacific panels and they were very outdated and dangerous. He told us what to do in the mean time before our scheduled appointment. He showed up promptly for the appt with his crew and they did a great job of replacing our entire box and finding the melted outlet that caused all the problems. Super scary! Thank you Big Frog Electric for being a top notch business!
Karen Hernandez
Karen Hernandez
March 6, 2024
It was an incredible experience! I called and they came same day! Excellent work and quality..very friendly and they went above and beyond what was asked of them! Can't wait to use them again soon!
Brooke Johns
Brooke Johns
March 6, 2024
A family friend gave us the info to call Big Frog Electric so we gave them a call and they came the same day! Extremely affordable and they went above and beyond for us! The guys are super friendly and we will definitely be using them again soon!❤️
schelley stamps
schelley stamps
March 4, 2024
Awesome company with extremely reasonable prices. Very friendly staff and accommodating to your schedule. From now on this is my electrician for my rental properties LOL.
Braxten O'Neil
Braxten O'Neil
February 28, 2024
James and the Big Frog team are rockstars. Thorough, timely, and personable. I highly recommend these guys!

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