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Your main electrical panel is the heart and brain of your home’s electrical system. If yours is outdated or damaged the results can be catastrophic.

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The Electric Breaker Panel is the most important part of your electrical system.

Electrical panel replacement is the single largest and most important part of your electrical system.

Making the right decision on its size, brand, and features is not ideal for a novice. It requires years of experience, knowledge, and training. We have all of these qualities and are prepared to answer all your questions.

Having been in the industry for nearly 25 years and having changed out hundreds of panels, we are experts in panel replacement and upgrades. Our Electrical Solutions Experts are highly experienced in panel replacement or panel upgrade. And we understand that sometimes just simply replacing breakers and tightening terminals is enough to prolong the life of the panel.

The manufacturer oftentimes determines when it should be replaced, and we recommend the replacement of any of the following:

  • Pacific
  • Zinsco
  • Wadsworth
  • Bulldog
  • Sylvanic
  • Fuse Boxes

Common Reasons for an Electrical Panel Replacement

There are many reasons to upgrade or replace your main electrical panel, and ones that are 20 years or older need to be inspected to determine if there are any signs of overload, arching, or heat. The following are the most common reasons to replace your electrical panel.

The typical electrical panel is only really designed to last 20-25 years.

Your electrical panel can be damaged from loose connections, surges and heat.

There are several panels that are known to be dangerous and have high fail rates such as Federal Pacific and Zysnco Panels.

More Space
As our world has evolved, so has our need for more devices and appliances, such as car chargers.

Some manufacturers still use very similar style panels and breakers, so while you may think you need a new panel, you may be able to save lots of money by simply tightening up all connections and replacing the breakers.

There are also cases where you may need multiple circuits in a particular area in your home, such as a basement. Or maybe you want the ability to separately meter an area that you may be renting out so you can keep the bill separate. That’s when installing a sub panel can make this possible.

If you need an electrical panel replacement, inspection, rejuvenation, or sub-panel installation, contact Brig Frog Electric. We’ll remove the old box and breakers replacing and installing an all-new up-to-date panel and breakers. And we will install new Arc Fault Breakers (which have a built-in computer that helps prevent electrical fires from happening) where and when we can.

Whatever your reason for an electrical panel replacement, our team of experts is here for you whenever the need may arise.


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Julie Cremeans
Julie Cremeans
March 22, 2024
5 stars for Big Frog.They were extremely responsive with emails, calls and very reasonable with pricing. Showed up on time and completed the job within the time frame given. I would recommend Big Frog to anyone seeking electrical needs.
Cassandra B.
Cassandra B.
March 21, 2024
Great communication, excellent work. Fair price.
Tommy Sikes
Tommy Sikes
March 13, 2024
Very efficient and fast We are Well pleased with the job they did I would highly recommend them to anyone needing Electictrcal
Gray Vinson
Gray Vinson
March 12, 2024
Outstanding! James and his crew showed up exactly when they said they were performed all the work he stated, and even went above and beyond to take care of everything for us. Very competitive pricing and excellent work. Thanks guys!
Kim Schmid
Kim Schmid
March 8, 2024
We were having some outlets that stopped working and we’re also worried about safety concerns. We contacted Big Frog Electric and spoke with the owner James. He was so informative and with his experience and knowledge over the phone we found that we had federal pacific panels and they were very outdated and dangerous. He told us what to do in the mean time before our scheduled appointment. He showed up promptly for the appt with his crew and they did a great job of replacing our entire box and finding the melted outlet that caused all the problems. Super scary! Thank you Big Frog Electric for being a top notch business!
Karen Hernandez
Karen Hernandez
March 6, 2024
It was an incredible experience! I called and they came same day! Excellent work and quality..very friendly and they went above and beyond what was asked of them! Can't wait to use them again soon!
Brooke Johns
Brooke Johns
March 6, 2024
A family friend gave us the info to call Big Frog Electric so we gave them a call and they came the same day! Extremely affordable and they went above and beyond for us! The guys are super friendly and we will definitely be using them again soon!❤️
schelley stamps
schelley stamps
March 4, 2024
Awesome company with extremely reasonable prices. Very friendly staff and accommodating to your schedule. From now on this is my electrician for my rental properties LOL.
Braxten O'Neil
Braxten O'Neil
February 28, 2024
James and the Big Frog team are rockstars. Thorough, timely, and personable. I highly recommend these guys!

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